Summit '12 Innovation Hour

This year’s Strategic Health Intelligence Summit will include an exciting feature- the Innovation Hour. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, researchers and inventors to present highly innovative concepts that will transform healthcare in the 21st Century.

What is the Innovation Hour?
The Innovation Hour will feature entrepreneurs, researchers and inventers that will present highly innovative concepts or products to an audience of senior executive healthcare technology experts and professionals at the Strategic Health Intelligence Summit, in Pensacola, FL , November 7-8th.

Who should participate?
In the true spirit of innovation, anyone can submit their highly innovative concept or product that could be used to transform the healthcare technology industry.

How do you participate?
Each potential presenter must complete an application that will be judged by the Strategic Health Intelligence Summit selection committee. The presenter will be limited to two PowerPoint slides. The slides must be included in the application as an attachment.

If chosen, how long will I have to present?
The session will feature up to 10 presentations and will offer time for a question and answer session. Each presenter will have a maximum of 10 minutes. Additionally, we will make space available for you to display marketing materials and other informational packets about your submission. With permission from the innovators, all chosen submissions will be featured on our website page and highlighted through other marketing channels.

What is the deadline for submissions?
Applications must be submitted by close of business on October 28th.

For more information contact Ashley Spikes at 850-438-4081 or

Click here to download the Summit 2012 Innovation Hour guide & application.